Our Process

Construction can be a complex undertaking. There are many benefits to working with an Architect. We assist and advise through every phase of the project from conceptual design through the construction process including architecture, interiors, furniture, permit submission, contractor selection, bid review and construction observation. We are constantly aware of our clients desires and goals, and have the ability to keep the big picture in mind throughout every design decision during the entire process. Our most successful projects involve full collaboration among the architect, owner and contractor throughout the process.

Before Design

During our initial consultation we learn how you live (or work) and interact within your existing environments and what you hope to achieve in your new space. This is the time we determine the scope of the project and evaluate the proposed location and/or existing building.


DesignSmiths takes everything learned from you, to identify the core values and sketching ideas. Throughout the design process we work in traditional 2D drawings as well as physical and computer modeling. Models allow us to experience the space, taking ideas that are often difficult to understand with traditional 2D drawings and make the design come alive in a virtual environment. These tools make the decision making process much more efficient and realize the finished space before the beginning of construction. We'll recommend contractors, landscape architects and other consultants based on your individual project. It is best to bring everyone together as early as possible in the process so we all work towards the same goal.

After Design

We will work with you and your builder to fine tune the details, materials and unique elements that make the space your own. During construction we visit the site regularly to make sure everything is moving smoothly and being built to the fullest design intent.

Benefits of Working with an Architect

Working with an architect results in a custom project, tailored to your individual needs whether it is a residential, office, or commercial project. A well-designed project enhances the way one lives and works and increases your property resale values, draws more customers, and creates an inspiring and productive environment. Good design sells itself.

Architecture encompasses many specialty fields; the architect knows a little about each trade and specialty and consults with the appropriate experts at each stage of the project. The architect will design the project, specify materials, and coordinate with the consultants and contractor. The contractor is the expert on construction and estimating the cost of the project. The engineer is responsible for determining the structural calculations and loads of the project. We help you choose the best team for your project and make the process simple.


Architectural Services

· Design New Build, Renovation, Additions
· Commercial, Residential, & Environment Spaces
· Interior & Exterior Material Selection
· Documentation of Existing Spaces
· Code & Local Zoning Research
· Site Evaluation
· Programming of Space Needs
· Physical & Digital Modeling
· Light Solar Study Model
· Plans, Sections, elevations, Mechanical & Electrical Drawings
· Construction Documents
· Drawings for Bidding, Permitting & Construction
· Construction Administration
· Site Observation